Work at Saints

We believe everything we do makes an impact. Here is how we are lessening ours.

Our mission

Flowers, styled, sustainably sourced and delivered, protecting our planet and the future.

Our pledge to sustainability is greater than ever, and rooted at the heart of our business. We are constantly looking to improve upon what we already do and staying true to this ethos we are transparency in our strengths and areas of improvement.

Commitment to ethical flowers

We source a large portion of our flowers in the months that we can from UK growers, but we also import from abroad so that we can maintain a year-round product for our customers.

Many of our imported flowers are sourced from Florverde Sustainable Flowers (FSF) certified farms in parts of the developing world. This provides us with the opportunity to support members of these communities through fair trade. Florverde farms not only use sustainable resources, but are also mindful of water consumption and emissions, as well as using organic methods of fertilisation and disposing of any waste responsibly.

Our Colombian flowers are sourced from FSF certified farms, contributing to the improvement of workers’ lives while maintaining environmental standards. This unique, voluntary scheme aims to improve workers’ quality of life whilst lessening the impact these farms have on our planet.


We adhere to a seasonal floral calendar to bring our customers a true expression of nature’s beauty. Our deliveries are made using electric vehicles powered by renewable energy, and we are actively working towards achieving a carbon neutral supply chain by 2024.


We strive for minimal waste and promote sustainability through our recycling efforts. In partnership with our waste management provider, we not only recycle but also convert waste into energy through composting. This ensures that nothing from our warehouse ends up in a landfill, but instead is utilised by other companies.


Our packaging is eco-friendly, with 100% recyclable cardboard and paper from FSC-certified providers, and only biodegradable and compostable plastics used.


At every stage of our flowers’ journey, from source to destination, every individual matters to us. We work with UK and over-seas growers who share our values of sustainability, fair treatment of farmers, and minimising impact on the environment.


We beleive that we are stronger together. We look to support communities people and in need with targeted campaigns. Every year, we donate a portion of our profits to a charity with people, communities and sustainability mind.